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Types Of Couple Hoodie

King And Queen Hoodies
King And Queen are a very popular style of hoodies that are aimed at couples to wear as a matching pair. They come in a number of colors and varieties with personalized extra’s such as dates and names to make them even more custom for the wearers.

These vary in price, generally depending on quality but should be around the $40 mark.

A nice hoodie, nice designs and good choice for anyone looking for a matching set of hoodies.

Beauty And Beast
Another popular choice in the couple hoodie category that adds a little humor as well. I suppose the question is who will wear the beauty and who the beast? That we can leave to the individual couples who will want to wear this style.

Price range should be the same as the above and as with most custom hoodies, the hoodie quality should be good, just ensure the company adding the logo does a good job.

Mr And Mrs
These ones are perfect for the married couple who want to wear something romantic but with a hint of fun. They can usually be customized beyond the standard Mr and Mrs with added names and dates and more items depending on where you purchase.

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